Best Grub at Disneyland

14 May

A few weeks ago, my family came down from San Fran to pick me up to go to Disneyland for my brother’s spring break. I hadn’t been to Disneyland in a few years so I was excited to go. In order to get the ultimate experience at Disneyland, I had to find the best food. Heres what I found.

Chocolate covered caramel apples in the shape of minnie, mickey, the easter bunny, rainbow, and that ugly guy from the nightmare before christmas… sorry not a fan. I picked the Minnie one naturally and was happy to find that the ears were made out of soft delicious marshmellows yumm. Usually I’m not a huge fan of caramel apples but with the marshmellows and chocolate, It was the best combination!

For dinner we headed to downtown disney and tried out a restaurant that my aunt recommended which was called Catal. It definitely lived up to my expectations. Incredible!

I ordered that paella langosta which was out of this world. The best paella I have ever had!

My mom ordered the cavatelli pasta. It looked bomb.

For appetizer we ordered that octopus which was delish like everything else.

After our amazing dinner, we walked through downtown disney and picked up some caramel popcorn. Also one of my favorites. Then we were surprised to see a new cupcake place at the end.

They were not good. They were not worth the calories 😦



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