Le Papillon

19 May

Le Papillon is such an incredible dining experience. It’s such a romantic and elegant restaurant. I was very pleased with this restaurant. It was perfect. To start off, we were served these little amuse-bouches which are sometimes used to cleanse the palate or to excite your taste buds. These were definitely taste bud exciters. I don’t quite remember what the sandwiches were made of but the spoons had bacon, creme frâiche, and roe? I’m not sure about that last ingredient, but thats what I’m guessing it was.

I ordered the roasted berkshire pork tenderloin with smoked maple and hibiscus-onion marmalade. It was delectable and I usually don’t like pork.

For dessert, we got another sort of amuse-bouche which was a passion fruit and white chocolate caramels. You could really taste all of the flavors and they went so well together.

For dessert, my dad ordered the roasted banana torte, valrhona milk chocolate and malted anglaise. It was only okay. I couldn’t taste any banana.

I ordered the soufflé grand marnier with fresh berries. It had a little too strong of an alcohol taste for me. But overall, we had a very good meal.

Le Papillon
410 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose CA


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