Loh Bak Guo (Chinese Turnip Cake)

23 May

This is a delicious appetizer. Every time when I go to a Dim Sum restaurant, I always order this. Its a bowl of potatoey goodness. 

Lo Bak Guo (chinese turnip cake)

1lb of lo bak guo(chinese turnip cake)
3 eggs beaten
3 green onions sliced
soy sauce and salt (optional, add for taste)

1) Start off by cutting the lo bak guo into 2×2 inch squares and place on frying pan with a little bit of oil. Stir fry until golden brown.

2) Crack the eggs in a bowl and beat. 3)Pour the egg mixture into the pan.
4) Break up the egg and stir fry.
5) Add scallions and mix for a few minutes.
6) Add soy sauce and salt for extra taste

It came out really delicious 🙂 It was really easy to make, healthy, and yummy. Im prob gonna be making this a lot from now on.

Bon Appétit!


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