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Food Adventures in Japan

24 May

Japanese food is one of my favorite types of food so as you would expect, I took a ton of pics in Japan. Check them out!

Omu Rice Japanese Omlette from a maid café in Akibahara

Huge Japanese Rice Crackers

Green Tea Kit Kat 🙂

Dango Mochi (Mochi rice balls)

Japanese Crêpes (some even have a slice of cheesecake in them)

Japanese Sushi served on a conveyor belt and Shinkansen bullet train brought out special orders.

Wasabi Kit Kat

Ramen and Pork Katsudon

Sashimi rice bowl and japanese soup (not miso)

Japanese Red Bean Cakes

White Chocolate Green Tea Muffins

Japanese Red Bean Rice and other flavors

Crunky Candy Bars haha

Japanese Burgers

Breakfast Hot Dogs at Tully’s Coffee

Tonkatsu Sandwich

Japanese Pizzas including Chicken Teriyaki Pizza

Crispy Noodles with Shrimp

Cute Soccer Ball Cakes with Cream inside

Tempura Everything!!

Katsu Everything!

Japanese Sweet Bread

Kit Kats of all flavors: Flan, Gingerale, Strawberry, Milk Tea and others

Jinya Ramen

Shrimp Katsu Sandwich at McDonalds

Different flavors of Onigiri

Fish shaped cakes filled with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cream, and red bean

Japanese cakes in the shape of hello kitty, roses, bananas and other random stuff

Pork Katsu Bowl

Sushi Rolls

Big Cup a Noodles in unique flavors like curry, meat, and seafood. Oh ya and bacon and potato flavor.

Octopus Balls

Japanese Shaved Ice

Sushi Candy

Rice Crackers

Japanese Baked Goods

Fish shaped cakes filled with chocolate

Chicken Salad and Cold Ramen